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In a recent story, researchers found that many people who wear contact lenses do not have a backup pair of contact lenses or glasses. In other words, the only item that they have available to them to ensure adequate vision is a solitary pair of contact lenses.

Of course, it goes without saying that it is very important for a person who wears contact lenses to maintain ready access to a backup pair of contact lenses or glasses. But, again, even though this is a basic commonsense principle, it is striking how few people follow through in making sure that they do have a backup pair of contact lenses or glasses.

Most eye health experts maintain that it is not health to wear contact lenses all of the time. In other words, it is important for people to relieve their eyes of their contact lenses from time to time. This can only be accomplished if a person has a backup pair of eyeglasses available to them.

In addition, there are a wide array of different situations that can occur which will prevent a person from wearing contact lenses. For example, if you are afflicted with an eye infection, you likely will not be able to wear your contact lenses. Your only recourse will be able to wear a pair of eyeglasses.

Although many people do have a spare pair of eyeglasses lying around, or an extra pair of contact lenses, many of these same people will take of in a trip -- either for business or pleasure -- and leave the extra pair of contact lenses or spare glasses behind. Truly, this is a mistake. A person who wears contact lenses should never leave home without a spare pair of glasses or an extra pair of contact lenses. One point that a traveler needs to keep in mind is the fact that the climate and related conditions that exist in a locale to which her or she is traveling may be markedly different from home. Due to this difference, it may actually be impossible to wear contact lenses -- they may irritate a person's eyes significantly and severely, requiring their removal.

If you are a contact lens wearer, make sure that you have a backup pair of contact lenses and glasses readily available. Indeed, your best option really is to make sure that you have a pair of backup eyeglasses readily available -- whether you are at home or on the road.

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As a token of its genuineness, TLC offers a lifetime commitment program. Patients suffering from myopia may be eligible for this offer. According to this offer, if ever a patient requires enhancement surgery in order to maintain distance vision acuity, the enhancement surgery shall be performed without charge.

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The TLC Laser Eye Centers website also provides a whole repertoire of features. It might be the case that you are uncertain as to whether you should go for LASIK or not. TLC website provides a feature where you can easily check whether you are a potential LASIK candidate or not. You can locate a TLC LASIK center in your vicinity and also find a TLC affiliated eye surgeon. The website also provides a detailed description of the LASIK procedure so as to dispel any doubts that you might have had regarding LASIK.

In summary, TLC Laser Eye Centers offers scads of information and support for informed decision making. LASIK is a safe and efficacious procedure, but it's still a surgery, and any sort of advice in such a matter is always handy.